Petals may fall, but flowers do not

Petals as material will one day fall off, but the fact that there was a beautiful flower blooming there will remain there forever.

Magni Dezmond 1.5 reference sheet

I have adjusted his appearance as requested.Thank Jujube-san for the amazing modeling, and I will continue to make every effort to express his appearance in a way that is as appropriate as possible for his great talent and voice. I'll leave him here as he was in 1.0, so if you want to see him again from that time, please look below.Magni Dezmond 1.0 reference sheet ご要望をいただきまして、彼の容姿を調整させていただきました。素晴らしいモデリングをしてくださったJujubeさんに御礼を申し上げます。彼の豊かな才能と声に少しでも相応しい容姿を表現できるよう、今後も努力いたします。 1.0の頃の彼は残しておきますので、あの時の彼に...

hololive SUPER EXPO 2023

I was deeply thankful in my heart toward those who were standing in line for the TEMPUS purikura. Thank you very much.🙏 TEMPUSのプリクラに並んでいる方々に向かって心の中で拝んでおりました。ありがとうございました。🙏





Magni Dezmond 1.0 reference sheet

He is no longer with us at this time. Please see here to see the latest him.この時の彼はもう居ません。最新の彼はこちらをご覧ください。

about TEMPUS

I’m very happy to tell you that I’ve worked for Magni Dezmond-san of HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-.Thank you Covers co. for letting me be a part of this wonderful project. This is such a great privilege, I am really grateful for getting this opportunity. Best wishes to TEMPUS and everyone involves, including all viewers. ホロスターズENの新VTuberユニット「TEMPUS」所属、マグニ・デズモンドさんのデビューをお手伝いさせていただきました。素晴らしいプロジェクトに加えていただき、深く感謝いたします。TEMPUSの皆さんと、視聴者の方々も含め、関わるすべての方々に幸運がありますようお祈り申し上げます。