About personal requests and commissions

Q: Did you draw a certain character on blog because I sent you a request to draw me that character?

A: I will keep such a request in mind as one of the important opinions. However, at this time, I do not reflect requests from users or individual fans when I decide on the subject matter for my personal drawings. I apologize if I have disappointed you.

Q: If I send you a request, will you draw that picture for me?

A: I generally do not respond to free requests. I only accept requests through Marshmallows once in a few years or so, occasionally. Please understand. As for paid requests, please refer to the questions one and two below.
>what’s Marshmallow?
Marshmallow is a service that accepts anonymous messages. Negative or abusive comment is filtered out by AI, so it will never be seen by the recipient.

Q: I will pay you, so can I request illustrations personally?

A: I rarely accept commissions, sorry. If I become available, I may open a request on Skeb. Please forgive me in advance, as I do not know when I will be accepting commissions and I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accept your request.
>what’s skeb?

Q: Do you accept FGO related commissions?
I will pay you, so could you please draw the FGO character you’ve desined for me?

A: I am sorry, but I do not accept any FGO requests other than through TYPE-MOON (or Notes Co., Ltd.).

Q: Could you draw an artist proof for MtG?

A: I am currently in the process of preparing for this. Basically, I would like to proceed with the transaction in the form of selling an illustration that I have already drawn on the web store and have the customer confirm the actual design before making a purchase.
The reason for this, is that my schedule is unstable and I am not able to start work immediately after receiving a request, and I cannot bear the pressure of keeping customers waiting. In addition, I cannot bear the pressure that if I draw a new picture later, it may not be the one the customer wanted.
I hope you will forgive me for this.

About contents

Q: Will I ever see the pictures you posted on the Twitter fleet again once they are gone?

A: Please click here.

Q: I have a question about a character. (How he/she speaks, material of clothing worn, etc.)

A: I’ m sorry, but I can’ t answer each individual question. I don’t have time to answer all of them, and in some cases, due to contractual reasons, I’m not allowed to respond to you.
In the case of FGO, the information may already be available in the material books. If you still can’t figure it out, please look for a strategy sites, fan’s sites, etc.
In the case of my manga, if you write a letter to me, may be I can answer you in the story. (I’l try, but I’m sorry if I failed.)
Basically, I leave anything that is not depicted in the manga to your imagination.This is because I don’t like to have a difference in information between those who have directly asked the author about the materials and those who have not, even though both have read the same manga.
Thank you for your understanding.

About messages, letters, gifts

Q: I would like to send a letter to the character or author.

A:For FGO characters;

   Postal code 111-0053
   4-2-2 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
   Unizo Asakusabashi 4-chome Building 4F
   Notes Ltd.

For Babelheim characters or for me;
   Postal code 101-8001
   2-3-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
   Shogakukan Co.
   MangaOne Editorial Department
   Showichi Furumi 

Letters to me about FGO comics;
   Postal code 102-8177
   2-13-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
   KADOKAWA Headquarter Building
   TYPE-MOON Comic Ace Editorial Department
   Showichi Furumi 

Q: I want to send you a message by DM or e-mail instead of a letter.

A: I appreciate your kindness very much, but in order to concentrate on my creation, I basically keeping myself one step apart from messages sent via internet. The reason for this is that I receive your messages with great care, and it takes time for me to return my attention back after reading them. I apologize very much for this. I try to keep my Twitter replies and YouTube comments open as much as possible. Also, on rare occasions, I may release tools such as Marshmallow or Google Forms. Please consider this.

About me

Q: Why is your avatar a dandelion monster?

A: Because I like it for its language of flowers. The major words are “happiness”, “trust”, “sincere love”, and “separation”, but on rare occasions I found materials that included the words “insoluble mystery”, which I thought was cool. Maybe it was added recently, I don’t know.

Q: Why are you using a male name when you are a female?

A: Because I wanted to use my favorite Kanji character and because it was auspicious according to onomancy. If I like the name, I will use it regardless of my gender.

Q: Why did you change your name?

A: There was a time when I left the company and quit the drawing career due to my health condition. I changed it for a fresh start as I resumed my activities after my recovery.

Q: Why was there a period of time when you did not speak out on Twitter?

A: Because while I was working for my manga series , I was not always comfortable, and there was always the possibility that I would speak out in an unkind and weak manner, and I didn’t want that to become noise when people enjoyed my manga and the characters I designed for the game.
I haven’t been working for the new manga series for the past few years and I have more need to advertise my works, so I’m back to Twitter now.
I am not sure what will I do in the future.

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