[rewritten 17:40] Apology for the delay in Skeb.


[17:40] I have made significant changes to the content.

Apology and explanation;

Thank you very much for your requests.
First of all, I would like to apologize for the delays in delivery. I am very sorry that I have failed to meet your expectations.

Originally I would have been able to begin work for you in early fall of 2023.

However, it has taken me longer than expected to complete the work I was contracted to do prior to that time, which has delayed my overall schedule and prevented me from resuming work until now.

About the future;

I expect to be able to start work on the project by the end of next week.
If you reapply for the work that was scheduled to be delivered in early fall of last year, I will accept it with the highest priority.

To those who are planning to make a completely new request;

Due to the above circumstances, please wait a while until I finish prior request.

Also, it has turned out that it will take more time than expected to complete the drawing, I am very sorry, but I will have to raise the price. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I was messing around in the morning regarding the future, I realized that I may have violated skeb’s terms and conditions, which prohibit “any act that guarantees completion in advance, including price lists“, so I am resetting it. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
Correction where I shouldn’t have mentioned the fee.